We have enough lawyers to fill this room

  • CIVIL AND LITIGATION LAWYERSlawyers@thepanamabusiness.comIn the Civil and Litigation areas of law, we have developed a very strong relationship with over one dozen of the most important firms in Panama over the past 25 years of doing business in Panama. Each one of them has their particular way of dealing with our judicial system and a wide variety of costs and conditions. This long time relationship will facilitate your perfect adaptation to the particular lawyer that will serve, not only your needs but also accommodate to your budget. Knowing which door to knock at the exact time and for the exact purpose ids our main expertise. The judicial system in Panama city is secure and well balanced and establish but depends heavy upon two main factors your attorney might have; absolute knowledge of the law and the best connections in town. We will make sure you make the right choice.
  • COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS LAWYERSlawyers@thepanamabusiness.comThis type of attorney deals mainly in the creation, development, implementation and operation of any type of business project. From organizing the basic corporate structure to establishing all kinds of legal contracts and agreements that will then give way to a smooth introduction of you, as our customer, into the specific area of business and assure a stable foundation for a long lasting, well founded business, from new business, to joint ventures, to buying existing businesses or just invest in the local market. You will be secure every step of the way.
  • CRIMINAL LAWYERSlawyers@thepanamabusiness.comAs a part of everyday law and a common practice in every mayor courtroom in the world, we have established very good relationships with the best criminal lawyers in the country so that you are well informed and protected against the worst part of investing and doing business; white collar crime. We will have at your disposition at any time you need a excellent group of criminal lawyers that will work on you behalf and protect your investment with preventive advice.

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