Expanding the limits way beyond

A better, bigger, modern and well design new Panama Canal.

The Expansion of The Panama Canal
will directly bring an extra 5.2 Billion dollars into the local economy.

During the next twenty years, cargo volume transiting the Canal will grow an average 3% per year, duplicating 2005’s tonnage by 2025.

The labor required will include artisans, technicians, specialists, heavy-duty equipment operators, and professionals of disciplines such as project management, building supervision, design, inspection, surveying, finance, accounting, purchasing, logistics, security, maintenance, drawing, and computing, among others.

The Expansion of The Panama Canal will bring 0.5% to 0.75% increase in annual employment figures up to 2025.

Why Panama

It’s Panama’s time

Money is like an ocean current, it goes with the flow. Panama is now experimenting the biggest tidle wave in it’s history.

Panama’s stable Democracy
is our best positive asset.

Panama runs now under a stable democracy for more than 20 years.

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